Custom PVC, Canvas Design & Fabrication

PVC Gas Balloon
Custom Shade Structure
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Custom-Designed Parasol
Custom Carport
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Shade Idea
Shade Roof Structure
Custom Structure & Screen
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Custom Outdoor Room Franz Josef

At Johnson & Couzins we pride ourselves in our very experienced canvas workers who are skilled at making anything from covers for musical instruments to PVC gas balloons. We also make tarps, boat covers, windbreaks, PVC walls and PVC roofs.

For your garden and outdoor living area we can design protective swimming pool covers, sandpit covers and outdoor furniture covers.

Johnson & Couzins can design and build an enormous range of products to suit your individual and specific requirements. Contact us today so we can start to work on your specific wish!

Ideas From Our Product Range:

  • Tarps
  • Truck roll-over covers
  • Padded grand piano covers
  • BBQ covers
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Boat covers
  • Sandpit covers
  • Outdoor furniture covers