Aerospace Protectant Spray for PVC Products

Aerospace Protectant for PVC

Aerospace Protectant Spray acts like a high-SPF sunscreen for your shade sail (and many other things).

Your new Johnson & Couzins shade sail, outdoor screen and other PVC product offers high-quality protection from the harsh New Zealand sun. However, don't forget to protect your shade product from sun damage, too!

Simply regularly spray your shade product with Aerospace Protectant to make it water-repellent, restistant to dust, soiling, staining, and to prevent UV-caused slow-fade.

Apart from PVC sails and outdoor blinds Aerospace Protectant can also be used on: 

  • rubber (including tires & wet suits)
  • vinyl (including pool covers & boat covers)
  • plastics & acrylics (including panels & windshields)  
  • gelcoat fibreglass (including boats & jet skis)
  • carbon fibre (inlcuding bike frames & fishing rods)
  • finished leather (including upholstery & motorbike leather)

Johnson & Couzins sell Aerospace Protectant in 16 oz bottles.