Electric Outdoor Heaters

Electric Outdoor Heater
Patio Heater

Make the most of your outdoor area with Johnson & Couzins' electric outdoor heaters, a brilliant addition to the rain protection from Summit UmbrellasConcertina Louvres or Fixed Frame Awnings. Year-round outdoor dining and entertainment is yours! Increase profits of restaurants and bars by setting yourself apart through providing cosy al fresco dining and entertainment year-round.

Johnson & Couzins' radiant heaters are cost-effective and energy-efficient. These electric infrared patio heaters do not heat the air. Instead, they produce safe radiant heat, only absorbed by people and solid objects, at a low operating cost. No open flame, no filling of gas bottles.

These energy-efficient electric outdoor heaters are available in various lengths and watts. Choose your preferred option and keep your outdoor area warm in winter.

Electric Outdoor Heaters - At A Glance:

  • Low initial cost & low operating cost
  • One heater covers a 4 x 4m area
  • Instant heat, controllable by movement sensors
  • Manufactured in New Zealand for NZ conditions
  • Stainless steel
  • Lengths: 99cm, 156cm
  • Watts: 2Kw - 6Kw

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